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Financial Consulting, Accounting & Bookkeeping

Get assistance in understanding your financial statements.  Put the practices in place to analyze and project what you desire the future to be.  To know where you are going, you must know where you stand.  Be assured that every transaction your company makes is entered into your accounting software.  When financial transactions are recorded appropriately, accurate financial statements can be produced.  See how well your company is doing (or not doing) and get assistance on how to improve your net gain.


  • Financial Consulting to Management

  • Temporary Bookkeeping Services

  • Accounts Payables/Receivables

  • Audit Coordination

  • Bookkeeping

  • Chart of Accounts

  • Check processing

  • Consulting (QuickBooks)

  • Creating Budgets

  • Deposits

  • Federal, state, HUD compliance    


  • Financial Reporting (to include board reports)

  • Fiscal & Statistical reporting

  • Financial Analysis

  • General Ledgers

  • Grant Accounting/RFPs

  • Invoicing (to include creating)

  • Nonprofits

  • Taxes

  • Reconciliations (bank, credit, investments)

  • 990 Preparation


Business Management

There are lots of areas and components to address in making your business run successfully.  We can assist in many areas: accounting, business and project management, strategic planning, payroll, taxes, marketing, budget planning, forecasting, official documentation, RFPs, fundraising and event planning, etc.  Discover where you are weak and let us help make you strong.


  • Business Management

  • Marketing

  • Website

  • Promotional Materials

  • Benefits Administrator

  • Creating forms, spreadsheets

  • Fund-raising

  • PowerPoint presentations

  • Elderly Bill Paying

  • Event Planning & Marketing

  • Organizational Planning & Strategy

  • LLC Filing


QuickBooks Consulting & Clean-Up

QuickBooks bookkeeping software from Intuit is the #1 bestselling accounting software for small and medium businesses.  Certified since 2011, Financially Sane can teach you how to maneuver your version of QuickBooks - whether you are a beginner and want to learn, or you prefer to have QuickBooks maintenance on a contract basis.  We have assisted many in cleaning their QuickBooks up.  (Do not worry; this is needed more than you think!)  Learn how to pull the necessary reports, reconcile, close out and so forth.



"Many companies define success based on the dollars coming in,

but we define our success by the number of lives changed:

people getting out of debt and investing for their future."  - Dave Ramsay, Financial Expert

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